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Hairbrush Tips From Bella Capelli Salon

Hairbrush Tips From Bella Capelli Salon-“What hairbrush do I use?” Is one of the most frequently asked questions by customers at Bella Capelli Salon in Durham, NC.!


The corner drug store and beauty retail stores, such as Ulta, have an enormous amount of space devoted to selling them, but the number of options can be overwhelming. You probably have one hair brush you use day in and day out for all your hair needs, but is it giving your hair the best treatment? The reason there are so many hairbrush options, is that they all do different things for your hair. The fantastic hairstylists at Bella Capelli Salon offer a few tips to make sure you are using the right hair brush all the time.

Paddle Brush – It’s characterized by a large flat paddle head and if a straight sleek look is what you are after, it’s all about the paddle brush. This brush is also great to bring into the shower as a detangling brush after conditioning, particularly for thick curly hair. The Paul Mitchell Paddle brush is not pricey and works great.

Round Brush -The shape of brush you choose will play a major part in the end result. The hairstylists at Bella Capelli Salon say “If you’re going for volume and curl, it is best to use a round brush with a barrel anywhere from 1 ¾ to 2 ½ inches depending on the size of the curl you’re after.” You don’t need to break the bank buying a great round hair brush. Try Olivia Garden Ceramic + Ion Thermal Hairbrush, $19.95, for a 1 ¾” brush, or Olivia Garden Ceramic + Ion Thermal Boar Bristle Hairbrush, $22.45, for a 2 ½” brush. A vented round brush is a must have for anyone looking for a hair salon blowout-like look. It is most effective when paired with a blow-dryer, this combination will give your hair smooth finish, volume, and a lot of movement.

Wide-tooth comb– in the world of combs, the wide-tooth comb is bread and butter. A wide-tooth comb could be used with all hair types but especially for long, curly hair. The wide space between the teeth will allow the comb to run through your hair easily and will also assist with detangling. With a wide-tooth comb, you won’t have to pull so hard, which will result in less breakage. This brush is also ideal for dry or wet hair.

Don’t be hesitant about asking your Bella Capelli Hairstylist for advice on the type of hairbrush to use. Clients loving their hairstyles is what it’s all about at Bella Capelli Salon!

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