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Boy’s Haircuts

Boy’s Haircuts Bella Capelli Salon Durham NC-Boy’s Haircuts at Bella Capelli Salon Durham NC! Time to celebrate because there is finally a hair salon that knows how to cut a young guy’s hair.


This kid is a star, and he knows it. If your standout son owns any room that he enters, make sure that his boy haircut makes a similar statement. Flipped bangs and an precise edging should do the trick. This modified fade haircut is a great way to ensure that your child’s haircut lasts and you don’t have to worry about taking more trips to the barber than necessary. The best part is that you can still leave the top long to experiment with fun styles like this fun, but all boy, look.

Bring your boy’s in for a haircut at Bella Capelli Salon to get this look. Bella Capelli is a family hair salon, staffed by experienced hair stylists who want you and your family to have a great hair experience!
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