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Boxer Braids!

Boxer braids are fun and a great way to tame your hair for workouts or beach time! At Bella Capelli Salon we have seen celebrities such as Katy Perry and Hailey Baldwin sporting the boxer braid look, with lots of pics and postings online.

boxer braid 1

Do you remember this look being worn first by female boxers and Hilary Swank’s character in Million Dollar Baby? Well now it has exploded in popularity and has it’s own hashtag #boxerbraids trending on Instagram. If you are interested in getting this look, but don;t have the nimble fingers or experience to pull it off, the hairstylists at Bella Capelli Salon can do the plait for your first time and offer up some tips for doing it on your own. Just call (919) 268-9433 and we’ll get you scheduled.

dani box braids puff and BP

dani box braids puff and BP

But if you are game to give it a solo try, the plait can be achieved in simple steps. 1: Create a triangle, divide into three parts and begin to braid. 2: Add hair from the left and right as you go along, tucking it over the plait. 3: Move down the scalp. 4: Switch to the classic plait and tie at the bottom.

Have fun with your hair and enjoy the new look!

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