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Summer Hair Highlight Options!

Summer Hair Highlight Options -Summer is almost here! As you switch to your summer wardrobe and summer shades of makeup, consider gorgeous summer hair highlights at Bella Capelli Salon in Durham, NC, to complete your look.



If you love a beachy blonde look, but not the constant retouching, highlights are for you! Placed around the face and the crown of the head—the way the sun naturally lightens—highlights give hair instant excitement with low maintenance. The hair color experts at Bella Capelli Salon will know how to blend shades, for best results.
Highlights are fantastic for giving you a fresh, warm summer-ready glow after the long winter months. You want to make sure your is ready for the long days on the beach, fun days shopping, and family get togethers!

At Bella Capelli Salon, the motto for highlights is “Natural Colors for the Natural You.” Let your hair color expert know if you want something a little more natural, a little more “sun kissed”. Remember highlights add dimension, so by highlighting your hair, you can really change the texture and improve the thickness of your hair.

Some tips from the pros at Bella Capelli Salon:
For the Brunettes: For those of you who sport the darker tresses, opt for a honey colored highlight to weave in and out of your tresses. Go for a more natural highlight, like a balayage, to give you more definition. If you want something a little more dramatic yet still natural, opt for a cinnamon highlight or a dark blonde.
For the Blondes: If you’re currently blonde and want a natural “oomph” and emphasis added, opt for a very soft blonde-brown highlight. The best way to go about this is to keep roughly an inch of your roots a dark blonde, then go for a natural blonde, weaving that dark blonde throughout your locks. Or, if you want something brighter, opt for a soft blonde with golden highlights throughout. For the most natural look, go for thin highlights, rather than chunky.

Make your appointment online or call Bella Capelli Salon today to schedule an appointment for your beautiful summer hair look!

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