• Balayage Low Lights at Bella Capelli Salon

    Balayage Low Lights at Bella Capelli Salon-Balayage is a French hair coloring technique where the color is painted on the hair by hand as opposed to the old school highlighting methods with foils and cap highlighting.


    The free-hand painting application allows the hair color expert to achieve a more natural and modern effect with subtle transitions between the chosen colors, whether blonde, brunette, red or unnatural colors, such as popular pastels and even neons.

    Pictured is the absolutely beautiful Balayage Low Lights added to bring this Bella Capelli Salon client’s hair into Fall/Winter after a summer highlights became a bit too bright! Balayage transforms hair and gives a totally natural look! Book your appointment today for Balayage hghlights or lowlights. Call (984) 219-1880 to get a consult if you are unsure of which hair color treatment is right for your hair!

    Balayage Low Lights at Bella Capelli Salon

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